Do you have the Internet speed you need?

Many of us take our High-Speed Internet connection for granted. Whether it’s the number of devices in your home or the number of online activities occurring in your household each day, High-Speed Internet is more important than ever in our daily lives.

Use our High-Speed Internet calculator to see if your home’s Internet connection and Wi-Fi has caught up to your family’s connected life. In a few moments, you can learn the optimal speed you need to power all your home technology.

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Plans listed for Speed Calculator usage is based on Fiber Served areas.  To determine if you are in a fiber served area, click here.   If you are not in a fiber served area, you will select our Internet Copper Legacy plan, where you will receive the best available speed based on your location.   Surry Communications High-Speed Internet speeds may vary depending on many factors, including locations, internet site and traffic; service is best effort and no minimum level of speed is guaranteed.    Surry WiFi wireless router is free only with certain plans.  Other restrictions may apply.    Data and bandwidth usage rates by devices are based on industry averages.