Wireless Hotspots

Drive Traffic to Your Business….when you subscribe to Surry’s Broadband service, receive a Wireless Hotspot!

Give your customers a reason to visit your location, stay a little longer and stay connected while they are there. For years businesses have been offering their customers access to wireless Internet.
As your customers continue to increase their connectivity to handheld devices, laptops and more, now is the time to capitalize on their desire to connect by offering wireless Internet.
Surry is proud to provide a Wireless Hotspot, offering you a cutting edge over your competitors. Surry will provide a wireless router and an advertisement on your company’s wireless Internet “Welcome Page.”
This wireless network is completely separate from your current business network, therefore will not compromise the security of your network. Surry also provides filtering service for the Wireless Hotspot to prevent access to adult content.
For more information, ask your Surry Representative at (336) 374-5021.