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Check email, shop online, photo/video sharing or just general web browsing, Surry Internet has the speed that fits your needs. Get the Speed you need with Surry Internet!

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Listed Broadband pricing requires subscription to telephone service.

Service not available in all areas. Please call for availability.  Please note:  All speeds are offered as a “best effort” service.  Speeds are not guaranteed.
*Fiber Optic Service be available for these plans

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Acceptable Use Policy – Please Click Here.
*Requires a Fiber Optic Connection, not available in all areas. Service Not available in all areas. Please call for availability.
All speeds are offered  as a “best effort” service. Surry Telephone does not guarantee speeds. $50 fee will be applied to account if modem is not returned after termination of account. Standard Internet rates listed above require a telephone service subscription

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