TV Help

Troubleshooting TV and Set-Top Box

Unplug the power cord from the back of the STB for five seconds. Plug the power cord back up and wait for the STB to reboot. This should restore proper service.

Make sure the power to the set-top box is on. If there is a red indicator light glowing red, the set-top box is off. Use your remote control by pressing the STB button and then the power button to turn the box on or simply press the power button on front of the box. If the light glows green or blue then on set-top box is on.

Never stack any other equipment on top of your STB. If the STB gets too hot, it may stop working properly. Make sure your set-top box is continuously plugged into AC power and the Ethernet connection. This allows your set-top box to receive software updates as soon as they become available. Without these updates, you may experience loss of programming and features.

If these topics do not answer your questions, please call Repair Services at 611 or (336)374-4544.