Surry Communications Awarded Contract to Provide Fiber Network to Unserved Communities

(Dobson, N.C.) – Surry Communications, a locally owned leader in telecommunications services, was recently awarded the contract by Surry County to construct a fiber-based network to provide broadband service to unserved areas of Surry County. The fiber broadband installation is part of the Invest in Surry program. While many communities lack adequate connectivity needed to access healthcare, education, remote employment opportunities and business resources, the investment by County officials demonstrates their commitment to bridge the digital divide that still exists within many rural areas.


The areas identified for construction include State Road, Devotion, Round Peak area and Casper Stewart Road, and the lower southeast corner of Surry County. As part of the agreement, Surry Communications will provide a minimum of 100/100 Mbps high-speed Internet service to businesses and homes within the proposed fiber network area.


“Surry County is fortunate to receive these funds to pass along to agencies in the community that provide services to the public,” County Board Chairman Bill Goins said. “Surry Communications will help Surry County improve its broadband connectivity, which is a great need for citizens and businesses in our community. This effort will upgrade quality of life and economic development opportunities, providing a better place to live and do business.”


Surry Communications has a proven history of planning, constructing and servicing rural North Carolina communities with a reliable fiber network. Their cost-effective approach to utilizing innovative technology and local resources has enabled them to keep rural communities connected in a rapidly changing digital landscape.


“Surry Communications is honored to have the opportunity to help deploy a state-of-the-art fiber network to connect our rural communities,” stated Richie Parker, CEO of Surry Communications. “Having a reliable, high-speed connection is vital to the growth of our rural schools, businesses, healthcare systems and government facilities.”


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Date: June 1, 2022




About Surry Communications

Surry Communications, based in Dobson, North Carolina, continues to raise the bar when measuring success. Not satisfied to maintain the status quo, the company continually seeks new opportunities to provide their customers and the residents of Surry, Stokes and Davidson counties with leading technology while providing knowledgeable, professional service. From its early beginnings, Surry Communications has had progressive thinking leaders that created a strong foundation that they continue to build upon. In 1954, STMC began offering service to 192 co-op members over an 8-party line telephone system. Over 50 years later, Surry continues to provide innovative services such as Fiber to the Premise (FTTP), Home Networking, Home Security, IPTV, Mobile Wireless Phones, High Speed Internet, Business Systems, Medical Alert Monitoring and traditional Landline service. FTTP, which provides faster speeds, robust technology with multimedia applications and a reliable network, creates the opportunity for new services. As Surry Communications looks to future opportunities, it continues to offer cutting edge telecommunication services while maintaining the highest level of service to its customers. As the pace of technological advancements continue to hasten, the management team and staff at Surry Communications are committed to remaining at the forefront of the marketplace. For more information on Surry Communications, please visit online at