Long Distance

Long Distance Made Simple

At Surry, we like to give our customers the power of choice when it comes to paying for their long-distance calls. With that in mind, we give them two simple options: one with a monthly fee and lower rate per minute and one without a monthly fee with a slightly higher rate per minute. The choice, simply put, is yours.



  • 10 ¢ per minute
  • on all out of state calls


  • 12¢ per minute
  • on all in-state calls
  • with a $3.95 monthly fee

  • 15¢ per minute
  • on all calls
  • No monthly fee



  • Toll Free Number
  • 15¢ per minute anywhere
  • for all inbound calls
  • within the 50 United States
  • Monthly minimum of $5

International Rates

Do you need an International calling plan? Click here for our International rates.

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