Business Phone Maintenance Plans

At Surry Communications, we work hard to provide you with reliable service every second of every day. Our phone services include single and multiple access lines, many calling features such as Notify Plus, Conferencing, Long Distance plans or Toll Free numbers.

Don’t gamble with your valuable telephone equipment. Get reliable service protection for pennies a day.

Basic Maintenance

The Basic Maintenance Plan covers Inside wiring maintenance in your office  or replacement of the battery back up for Surry Fiber customers.

  • $3.95 per line (1-5 lines)
  • $2.95 per line (over 5 lines)
Complete Maintenance

The Complete Maintenance Plan covers Basic Maintenance Plan and filters, wireless routers, TV remotes and power strips/surge protectors.

  • $7.00 per line (1-5 lines)
  • $5.95 per line (over 5 lines)

*Maintenance Plans only cover equipment installed by Surry Communications.