Troubleshooting Tips

What channel does my TV need to be on for SurryTV to work?

Channel 3 or 4. This will be determined by what is selected in the hardware settings of the set-top box (STB). (Many newer TVs have dedicated inputs that are not dependent on the TV channel.)

I am unable to see all channels in the guide.

You might have the guide on the Subscribed, HD or Favorites list instead of the All List. Press Guide until you see ALL appear in the left corner of the guide. Or, you may need to check your parental controls. It is possible that certain channels are blocked and will not show up in the guide.

How can I operate my TV with my SurryTV Remote Control?

To turn your TV on and off, press your remote control’s TV button and then its power button. To adjust your TV’s volume, press your remote control’s TV button and then its volume buttons to reach the desired volume. To go back and operate any advanced functions on your set-top box – such as the programming guide or PVR, you will need to press the STB button on your remote. This returns your remote control to set-top box operation mode.

*Certain lesser-known TV brands cannot be operated with a SurryTV remote. Your technician will alert you at the time of installation if the remote cannot be programmed to control your TV. In those cases, you will need to use your TV remote to operate the TV.

My remote isn’t working properly.

Check your batteries. If they work, make sure the STB device is activated. To activate the STB device, simply push the STB button. Your STB button should turn red when other buttons are pushed.

There is no signal on the TV, the picture is snowy or the TV picture has blocks or is tiling.

Unplug the power cord from the back of the STB for five seconds. Plug the power cord back up and wait for the STB to reboot. This should restore proper service.

Is your TV screen black and you’re not sure why?

Make sure the power to the set-top box is on. There is a small light located just to the left hand side of the menu button on the front of the set-top box. If this light is glowing red, the set-top box is off. Simply press the power button on the front of the set-top box. Or, you can use your remote control by pressing the STB button and then the power button to turn the box on. The light will glow green on your settop box when the power is on.

Set-Top Box (STB)

Never stack any other equipment on top of your STB. If the STB gets too hot, it may stop working properly. Make sure your set-top box is continuously plugged into AC power and the Ethernet connection. This allows your set-top box to receive software updates as soon as they become available. Without these updates, you may experience loss of programming and features.

If you move your set-top box to another TV, you must take all the original cords with that set-top box or it may not work properly.

If these topics do not answer your questions,
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