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What is Digital Video Recording (DVR)?
DVR stands for digital video recording. DVR allows you to record any TV program to your SurryTV set-top box and watch it whenever you want. Plus, you can rewind and pause live TV. With SurryTV DVR, you can
• Quickly and easily record your favorite shows
• Automatically record every new episode of your favorite show
• Pause and rewind live TV
• Record one show while watching another

How do I get my Caller ID to appear on my TV screen?
We will add TV Caller ID free for one month. If you do not wish to continue this service, you can call our business office at 336-374-5021 and asked that this feature be removed. If you decide to keep this feature, the cost is $2.95 per month.
TV Caller ID allows a viewer to see what name and telephone number is calling while watching a program. This convenient feature also keeps a history of incoming calls, even when the television is off. The customer must subscribe to Caller ID on their home line before TV Caller ID will work.

Can I control what my children watch?
Yes.  With SurryTV’s parental block capabilities, you can choose the type of content that can be viewed on each television set based on movie and TV ratings.   With this convenient option, you can choose to allow your child’s TVs to show only “G” rated materials, while you can enjoy your favorite shows on your television in another room.

Do you require a set-top box for every television set?
Yes. A set-top box is required for every television set that you want connected to SurryTV. We offer two choices in set-top boxes. The standard box is $4.95 per month. The DVR box is $9.95 per month and gives you all the great DVR functions listed above. Both standard and DVR set-top boxes are high-definition capable. If you subscribe to high-definition access, you can enjoy quality HD programming via either set-top box.

Why do I have to lease SurryTV set-top boxes?
Technology advances so rapidly that leasing allows SurryTV to continually provide you the latest equipment at nominal cost.  Leasing also allows inexpensive upgrades and free replacement set-top boxes.

Do I have to pay package programming costs for each set-top box?
No, you are only billed once per month for your programming package choice.  You are allowed to connect more than one television in a single residential household to our service.  However, you must have a set-top box for each television you wish to have programming on.  You will be charged a minimal monthly lease fee for each set-top box.

If I move can I take my SurryTV equipment with me?
Because SurryTV service is only available in certain areas we request that you call before you move.  We can verify if SurryTV programming will be available at your new address.  If so, yes, take the SurryTV set-top boxes with you.  We will set up an appointment for one of our friendly service installation technicians to come by and help get you set up in your new home.  If service will not be available at your new address we kindly ask that you return all set-top boxes, cords, cables and remotes to your nearest customer service center.

How do I read my bill?
Your SurryTV charges will appear on your monthly Surry Telephone bill. The charges will be broken down into Package selection (Basic, Plus or Premier), Movie Package selection(s), set-top boxes and any applicable taxes, fees and surcharges.

How do I know if SurryTV is available in my area?
If you are eligible for SurryTV, you should have received information via U.S. Mail from Surry Telephone notifying you of the service’s availability in your community. If you have not received a mailing or are unsure if your community is eligible call 374-5021 and speak with one of our local customer service representatives. We will be happy to check on current availability in your area.

Why is SurryTV available in such limited areas?

Surry Telephone is offering TV over copper which makes the availability limited. Surry Telephone is in the beginning phases of a multi-year transition to an entirely fiber-optic network. We are replacing our copper infrastructure as it ages and becomes ready for replacement with fiber-optic technology. We will be adding new communities every month as we gradually build our fiber-optic network. Surry Telephone will notify you by mail when SurryTV is made available in your community.

Is SurryTV available for businesses?
Yes, although Businesses are not eligible for Surry’s No Limit Bundles.

What is high-definition television?
HDTV is the new way of watching television. HDTV has a much higher pixel rate on the screen, so the picture appears much clearer and sharper. In order to view true high-definition television programming, you must have three things:
• A High Definition Television
• The appropriate cables (HDMI or component cables – available through SurryTV)
• High-Definition Access from SurryTV is only available over fiber-optic connections.

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