Internet – Why Surry Broadband?

Why Surry Broadband?

Instant Videos and Super Fast Downloads

Surry’s broadband connection allow you and your family to experience the net like it should be with moving graphics, bright colors, cool movies, live music, and interaction like nothing before.

Instant Communication

Surry broadband gives you the communication tools and personalized services you need to connect with family, friends and businesses.

Complete Resource

From homework help to sports specials, Surry broadband has something for the entire family. Students can do research faster than it takes to get to the library. You can make online purchases, explore hobbies, research health-related topics and financial information more readily and with super fast speed.

WiFi Home Networking

Let Surry set up a wireless home network and you can connect to multiple WiFi devices to the Internet. Connect laptops, iPads, handhelds, scanners, printers and much more. A must have for your home.

Reach the internet from anywhere in your home using Surry’s new Worry Free WiFi. Great for homes with multiple devices that need a reliable and fast connection. With just this one device connect your internet and TV wirelessly. All for only $9.95 per month.

Fiber to the Home Communities

STMC is proud to introduce FIBER CONNECT (FTTH) – the fastest, clearest, most advanced Fiber Optic Communications Service. FIBER CONNECT is the best way to receive high-quality broadband, television and voice services. Homes connected by FIBER CONNECT optics are technologically advanced and ready for the services of tomorrow.


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